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Im a 16 yo gal whoís life is really really crap and lately Ive been trying to top myself and Iíve been getting really suicidal, and i keep hurting myself I donít know what to do or where to go for help.

Dear Suicidal,
You certainly got my attention with that letter. Now, please pay attention to me. Nothing, NOTHING, is worth taking your life over.
NOTHING. You have obviously hit a low point in your life, but if you wipe your tears and look beyond the horizon of now, you will be surprised to learn things DO get better. Really, They do. Bad times are almost always followed by good times, you just have to be a little patient. And, while you're waiting for things to turn around, you have to work on your life. Talk to someone...get yourself to a school or counselor or a doctor or clergy person, some grownup in your life that you trust. Allow them to help you. NOW. Do not hesitate to help yourself...give it another try...please see that suicide is not the answer. Suicide is never a solution. It leaves behind broken survivors and the eternally unanswered questions of "What if...?" Ending your life at sixteen means you'll never know another sunset, another song, another laugh-until-you-cry-joke, another perfect slice of pizza. You will never know that this period of the blues was only temporary and what good things were in store for your adulthood. Please take this letter, print it out and bring it to someone who can help you in person. Don't wait another second to take steps that will help you to love your life again. Please write me again and let me know how you're doing. I'm going to worry about you until you do.

Take care, darling, MsX




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