Amy's Take


Who is this AmyW anyhow?

15 year old sophomore from Ohio dealing with teen angst and then some... As some of you know I'm not your average teen because I am pregnant. But I AM still a teen, and I go through the same ridiculous stuff as the next person. A sarcastic person by nature, I used to write articles for my school news, some of which you see below. My fav kind of music is alternative, especially Smashing Pumpkins (my fav) and I like to watch Days of our Lives, Jerry Springer (when I'm home it cracks me up even when I'm reeeeal sick) old movies, and All My Children. (I'm a soap fanatic). I canít wait to finish school...and I'm definitely going to...well I've probably bored you to death, so here are the articles.... :)

It's the Latest!

x1.9.99 ~sweet sixteen!
~amy joins the coffeerooms... ta~da ** woohoo!

Old News~

3.20.98 ~amy goes under the knife
3.13.98 ~amy gets scared

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