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December 7, 1998

My first article on this website...the Coffeerooms!!!! Yah!!! Read
on...if you dare....

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down....
Somehow that seemed appropriate for today.... does it not? Mondays are the absolute worst days of the week. IT's when the drudge of everyday living begins again and you know there are four days till Friday. And six till the ever blessed Saturday morning. And when you reach that oh so treasured weekend in two days that speed by quicker than any of the MINUTES of the regular week did, somehow or another someone will take away your precious "free time". Something I haven't had enough of lately...but somehow I sense you can relate... :)

Ding dong...ding dong... Do I hear wedding bells? WEdding bells and
white wedding gowns and vanilla wedding cake? I know what you're
thinking...DONT tell me you're getting married at fifteen. No...I'm not
tying the knot as of yet, but it so happens that my oldest sister Jen
is. Yup- she's engaged to be married in November of next year. Normally this would be great news...but my mother keeps giving me these "see-why-couldn't-you-be-like-your-sister" looks. I guess she thinks Jen is perfect- all mothers seem to idealize their children when she meets a Mr. Right that she actually approves of.

My sisters think it's the best thing since Cover Girl three in one nail
polish. Karly and Eri are totally psyched...and even Narie, who's
usually so caught up in her own world to notice anyone else can't wait. I keep wondering why I'm not excited. It's my personality somewhat I guess- I'm not a real white wedding, pink roses, kind of girl. But it's more than that. I remember just a few months ago thinking that me and Matt could get married SOMEDAY. SOMEDAY meaning when I'm well into my twenties and done with teenage living. But it's never going to be that way, and I guess I realize that for the first time. Strange, but true.

Sorry for the depressing first entry...but it's what's been going on TAKE. Till next's a poem from my friend
Anna who makes a living off writing little things like this...

Wasting away in our beautiful school
it suddenly occurred to me
what's with education that we need to slave away
with pencils and paper and math we'll
never use anyway?
why can't anyone SEE
that we are teens...we don't wanna follow the rules

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