Amy's Take


March 20, 1998

Hey all! Have a great week? No? At THIS school? You must be living in the Twilight Zone! We always have a great time here! Heh heh. Anyway, on to my words of wisdom.

Our own AmyW will be out next week...because of a delicate surgery to my person. I might live...I might die. It's touch and go. Really. I'm only getting my tonsils out, but that's the beauty of it- I get two weeks of pain just to remove some kind of GLANDS. Lucky Amy, huh? I asked a few of my friends about their hospital experiences and they all told me gory stories involving anesthesia that wears off, doctors that belong in a mental ward, and naturally- the Nurses from Hexx, who take your temperature like an assassin stabs it's victim. Ouch!

If I survive, I'll write you a full account...but I'm dreadfully feared for my life. One out of every 1000 or something like that has COMPLICATIONS with the delicate procedure. And one out of every 3000000 or whatever, DIES. Knowing me, I would be the unlucky 1% to end up permanently sedated. What would they put in my obituary? "Amy died while removing her tonsils"- well, doesn’t that sound dignified.

School News- we're all invited to the "Spring has Sprung" dance in April. We can all "spring" on over to be "sprung" on the dance floor, but don't "spring" yourself over to the refreshments and "sprung" yourself into the chocolate chip cookie cake ( AHEM...DAVID).

Have a great weekend...and live long and've been a great audience!!!! I love you all sooooo much. Au revoir.
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