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Unlike a lot of our mothers, and certainly our grandmothers, we "modern" parents have the luxury of being able to plan our families. We can wait until we feel ready to have our children. But no matter how long we wait or how ideal our circumstances may be, raising our sons and daughters is still as hard as it ever was.

Nothing we do in life will bring us as much joy. But boredom, exhaustion, confusion and sorrow come in the same package. Helping a child grow and develop her own individuality, while retaining ones own sense of self can be the biggest challenge of our lives. We all have a lot to learn and a lot to share. Few of us have extended families near by, with Grandmas and Aunts ready to listen and help out. The neighborhoods many of us grew up in, filled with kids and stay-at home Moms, who could share a cup of coffee and talk over the latest "phase", are largely gone.

We welcome you to a new version of that neighborhood, Mom to Mom. You’ll have to bring your own coffee, but we think you’ll find friends here who are going through the same struggles and delights that you are. We’d love to have you join us.

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