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What are the things that parents do
that drive kids crazy?

A mom and researcher interviewed more than 500 children to learn what parents do that bothers and embarrasses them. Here's some of what they said:

*Indiscriminate praise. Everything I do, they tell me it's good. "Good trying. Good finding. Good breathing."

*Babying. Whenever I go anywhere, even the front yard, my mom yells, "Be careful!"

*Not listening. My dad doesn't hear anything I say.

*Not explaining. They say there are going to be consequences. I have no idea what "consequences" are.

*Not showing you care. Homework, piano, the dog. That's my welcome home. Not, "Did you have a good day?"

*Making idle threats. They say, "If you don't behave, we're never going out to dinner again." Like I'm scared.

*Public reprimands. They'll yell at me and actually send me to my room right in front of my friends.

*Nagging. "Make your bed; brush your teeth; get in the car." Every morning I hear that.

*Blaming. My mom gets mad when I get hurt. She scolds me, "Stop hurting yourself!"

*Controlling. They never let me do things myself. They're afraid I'll mess up.

*Bribing. They say, "If you want a raise in your allowance, you better get good grades."

*Over-scheduling. I can never just hang out.

*Misplaced priorities. Ask them to do something...they'll say, "Not now, we're busy."

*Negativism. They criticize everything.

*Ordering. If I ask my mom why, she'll say, "Because I said so!"

Posted by SUZYQ 7.7.98

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