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The Coffeerooms Members' Book is just for fun!
The Members' Book is here because a lot of members have expressed a wish to get to know each other better, and to let other members know a little something about themselves. Including yourself in the book is strictly voluntary. You don't have to be in the book to also be a welcomed participant in the Coffeerooms boards.

The Members' Book is designed so that you can include as much or as little about yourself as you wish. any fields that you don't fill in will simply not show on your page in the book.

Only other registered members can look at the Members' Book, and nobody can scan the entire book in one easy sweep to lift information for mailing lists and such.
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Permitted use of the Coffeerooms Members' Book
The w3PG Coffeerooms Members' Book is for the private use of registered members of the w3PG Coffeerooms only, and is intended solely as a way for members to share something of themselves with other members. No use, other than as intended, is permitted. No information contained in the Members' Book may be copied, or transferred to any other form, other than as one "member page" at a time as viewed dynamically in a World Wide Web browser.
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Email Addresses
Email addresses will not be shown on the member directory pages. Email addresses will be "hidden" so that spammers can't scan them. If you include your email address, visitors will only get a form to send you a note, but will not get your address directly.
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Picture Size
You can link to a picture of yourself that is stored someplace on the web. Insert the full URL, beginning with "HTTP://", pointing to the server and file that contains your picture. Pictures will be adjusted to fit into a space that is 150 pixels tall. For best results, your picture file should also be about 150 pixels tall.
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The programs for adding or editing your page in the Coffeerooms Members' Book use "cookies". If your doesn't accept cookies, then you won't be able to log on to add or edit your page.
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Why logon for the Members Book?
The reason we ask everyone to log on for the Coffeerooms Members' Book is to make it very difficult (if not impossible) for spammers to "scan" the book. That's also the reason that we only show one page at a time, and why we don't show email addresses on any page.

Ordinary "guest books", such as you see all over the Web, are vulnerable to "scanning" by unprincipled spammers (forgive the redundancy). They use software robots to roam the web looking for email addresses anywhere they can find them. Needless to say, finding an open guest book is a delight for them. They just scan the page and lift all the information they can find that might be useful.

By requiring a logon to look at the Members' Book, combined with some of the other features, we've tried to make our book unusable for the robots, and more comfortable for all of us to share something about ourselves.
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