Rumsfeld Resigns

From the NYTimes:

"President Bush was expected to announce Rumsfeld's departure and Gates' nomination at an afternoon news conference. Administration officials notified congressional officials in advance."

"Last week, as he campaigned to save the Republican majority, Bush declared that Rumsfeld would remain at the Pentagon through the end of his term."

"Rumsfeld, 74, was in his second tour of duty as defense chief. He first held the job a generation ago, when he was appointed by President Ford."

Rumsfeld Resigns as Defense Secretary After Big Election Gains for Democrats - New York Times

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N.J. Court Backs Rights for Gay Unions

The State Supreme Court in New Jersey said today that under equal protection guarantees of the state constitution, same-sex couples “must be afforded on equal terms the same rights and benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples under the civil marriage statutes.”

Click for the whole article: N.J. Court Backs Rights for Gay Unions - New York Times

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North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test

From the Boston Globe:
North Korea conducted its first nuclear test yesterday in brazen defiance of the United States, China, and other world powers, which have sought for more than three years to persuade the reclusive Communist regime to give up its covert nuclear weapons program.

A White House official said late last night that the United States condemned the nuclear test and would seek action in the Security Council today.

North Korea's official KCNA news agency said the test took place at 10:36 a.m. local time today, or 9:36 p.m. yesterday in the United States
North Korea conducts nuclear test - The Boston Globe

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More Americans Have Now Died In Iraq Than Died On 9/11

Via Yahoo News, an article by RJ Eskow: Here are the numbers: 3,015 Americans have died in Iraq as of September 9. 2,666 of these were military deaths and 349 were civilians.

A total of 2,973 people died on 9/11. Most, although not all, were Americans.

Read the rest of this article here: RJ Eskow: DARK MILESTONE: More Americans Have Now Died In Iraq Than Died On 9/11 - Yahoo! News

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