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ALIAS Off Topic  That's a good question.  12/26/2010 02:52 nowheregirl 
ALIAS Off Topic  So how much do you guys like Blue Blood?  12/25/2010 22:13 Peri 
ALIAS Off Topic  JayKay did you see our Chuck chitchat down below?  12/25/2010 21:43 Peri 
ALIAS Off Topic  So this is weird, but  12/25/2010 19:09 nowheregirl 
Crossing Jordan  Happy Holidays!  12/25/2010 08:39 Miss Katie 
ALIAS Off Topic  Re: Merry Christmas Everyone!  12/25/2010 03:27 nowheregirl 
ALIAS Off Topic  Re: I love Fracey! (good name btw)  12/24/2010 23:06 JayKay 
ALIAS Off Topic  Happy holidays, OTers! eom  12/24/2010 22:58 Peri 
ALIAS Off Topic  Definitely...  12/24/2010 21:13 JayKay 
ALIAS Off Topic  Re: Merry Christmas Everyone!   12/24/2010 21:05 JayKay 
"One Life to Live"  Clint-hole... LOL! :D (eom)  12/24/2010 18:58 TinaMarina 
ALIAS Off Topic  Merry Christmas Everyone!  12/24/2010 17:56 hannah grace 
"One Life to Live"  Then.   12/24/2010 12:48 Jar 
"One Life to Live"  That wouldn't surprise me.  12/24/2010 12:47 Jar 
"One Life to Live"  Prediction  12/23/2010 22:25 TinaMarina 
"One Life to Live"  Because she's an idiot  12/23/2010 22:17 TinaMarina 
ALIAS Off Topic  Ah, nice.  12/23/2010 22:05 Peri 
ALIAS Off Topic  I hope this show comes back--it really is so good. On so many   12/23/2010 22:04 Peri 
ALIAS Off Topic  I watched the 1st ep of this season of Being Erica again.  12/23/2010 14:32 nowheregirl 
"One Life to Live"  Loving it too!  12/23/2010 12:01 KrisMich 
"One Life to Live"  Or, maybe it's ... (me talking to myself again! LOL!)  12/23/2010 10:47 Pink_Flamingo 
"One Life to Live"  Frenemies!  12/23/2010 10:39 Pink_Flamingo 
"One Life to Live"  OhGawd!  12/23/2010 10:38 Pink_Flamingo 
"One Life to Live"  Loving Viki and Dorian as a team  12/23/2010 09:21 TinaMarina 
"One Life to Live"  Not sure but...  12/23/2010 09:19 TinaMarina 
ALIAS Off Topic  I love Fracey! (good name btw)  12/22/2010 23:33 nowheregirl 
ALIAS Off Topic  Yeah, there needs to be some... change in their   12/22/2010 21:21 Peri 
"One Life to Live"  I haven't picked up on  12/22/2010 20:45 Jar 
ALIAS Off Topic  And that is the reason why the ones of us here that  12/22/2010 19:42 nowheregirl 
ALIAS Off Topic  I just watched the Drop Dead Diva episode where  12/22/2010 17:03 Peri 
"One Life to Live"  Has there been any indication that  12/22/2010 11:11 Pink_Flamingo 
ALIAS Off Topic  So will I! I've had enough of the   12/21/2010 17:11 nowheregirl 
"One Life to Live"  and he's disrespectful to Viki  12/21/2010 15:12 TinaMarina 
"One Life to Live"  Why hasn't Inez asked Clint  12/21/2010 14:08 Pink_Flamingo 
"One Life to Live"  Oh Lord Yes!  12/21/2010 14:07 Pink_Flamingo 
Crossing Jordan  Law & Order's Jill Hennessy honoured in Toronto.  12/21/2010 09:35 Meeko 
"One Life to Live"  Charlie  12/21/2010 01:06 KrisMich 
ALIAS Off Topic  If they keep them  12/20/2010 21:10 Peri 
ALIAS Off Topic  Yes, exactly!   12/20/2010 18:38 nowheregirl 
ALIAS Off Topic  I hope so. I watched the last eppy in which Sarah   12/20/2010 16:30 Peri 
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