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Sugar Cookies
PapaC's Mom's
Toffee Sticks
PapaC's low fat Chocolate Chip Biscotti
PapaC's Mom's Chocolate Mint Cookies
PapaC's Mom's Pecan Pie Bars
TucsonTerry Halloween Sugar Cookies
CarrieAnne's Mama's Sour Cream Sugar Cookies
CarrieAnne's Gingerbread Cookies
Dharma's Chewy, Chocolatey Brownie Cookies
Melinda's Quick Mix Spritz
Melinda's Surprise Meringues
Melinda's Cake Mix Cookies


Elmo 926's sister's "Apple Dump Cake"
NicoleW's Aunt Mable's Carrot Cake
CarrieAnne's Poor Mans Cake
Chocolate Carrot Cake&
Cream Cheese Frosting

Turtle Cake
Chocolate Zucchini Cake


CarrieAnne's Grammie's Pie Crust

 Baked Goods

Til's Apple Crisp

Cheese Cake

NicoleW's Oreo Cheese Cake
Melinda's Chocolate Cheese Cake
Melinda's Pumpkin Cheese Cake
Laffin's No Crust Cheese Cake

And Other Sweeties

Amy's Cherry Delight (almost a cheesecake)


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