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Why I Work At Home
By Christine Clark

My husband will quickly inform anyone who asks about his wife's employment status that "she stays home with the kids".

My twelve year old only knows that Mom is on the computer every time he wants to play Mech Warriors. "Again?" he whines.

My three year old understands that during Blues Clues, Mama can be found buried under the pile of papers she is always yelling at him not to draw on.

They are all correct, yet there is so much more to this story. Two years ago, when my husband began his "Maybe-You-Should-Get-Back-Out-Into-The-Working-World-Again" speech, I brought up the idea of working from home. Why not, I asked him. I am talented, organized and hardworking. I have a computer and a fax. I can be all that I can be (to borrow from the Army). I was confident that I could make a load of cash - and quick!

Two years and many credit card bills later, I am still at home; still working hard; and still waiting for that quick load of cash. And I am happy. Is it the satisfaction I get from writing my thoughts down on paper and having it read by others? Is it the pride I have when someone tells me how much they loved my article? Or maybe it is the fact that I can work in my pajamas and not conform to any regular work schedule. Surprisingly, it is none of the above.

I love working at home for one reason and one reason only: my kids. I am there with my three year old when he needs a boo boo kissed. I am able to take "time off" (without any bosses frowning) when my oldest receives an award during a school assembly. I never have to worry about showing up late to daycare or rushing the kids off to a baby-sitter in the morning so I can arrive at work on time. I spend my lunch hour at the park with my little one. I "take meetings" with my twelve year old after school to discuss how his day went and what's happening in his life.

Yes, there are job related hazards. While correcting a printer jam, I discovered a Rugrats toothbrush stuck in the paper tray. I have waited hours for an important fax to come in, only to find that someone had taken the phone off the hook. I have printed and reprinted articles, still finding peanut butter fingerprints smudged all over them. And more than once I have typed e-mails with one hand (the other hand swiftly pushing buttons on the remote control, desperately searching for "Sesame Street").

As with any job, there are pros and cons. And maybe someday I will have to go back out into the "working world". But if I never do, that will be fine with me. This is where I want to be; kissing boo boos, sharing after school snacks, spending as much time as I possibly can with my kids. It's the best job I ever had!

Christine Clark is a freelance writer and work at home Mom. She is also Editor of The Work-At-Home Wire, a monthly online magazine for home workers.)


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