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  Should Universities Eradicate Tenure?
By chrissy n 1/21/2000

What do you think?
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When a professor is hired, most of them are put on a tenure track, and after six years, they are granted permanent employment. No more job searching, or ingratiating themselves with students, so students will pencil in flattering remarks during evaluations.

A tenured professor does not have to deal with any of that. No one, save the self-employed should be guaranteed a job. Because of tenure, many learning institutions are filled with incompetent instructors, who are not keeping themselves knowledgeable about their field of expertise.

And some are quite arrogant; they know that their jobs are secure and they use that to abuse students.

Universities are rife with teachers who use grades to manipulate women into bed. I was victimized in such a manner. A professor, who had a rep for sleeping with students indicated to me in the lewdest way possible that he found me appealing. He ogled my chest, eyed me as if I was a stripper on a stage and he was a cocktail swigging onlooker. I ignored him. And my final grade was B-.

I'm sure the grade would have been lower than that had earlier papers I passed in had not been marked A's and B+'s. He had assigned C- on the last paper, and took enormous points off an exam, bringing that grade down to a C-.

I complained to the department head and to the dean, and suffice it to say, it was my word against his.
There were students and people in "his" department who gave me the cold shoulder for complaining. He was a tenured professor, which made him untouchable.
I left the school because I didn't feel that it was conducive atmosphere for learning.

I think my experience shows one argument as to why schools should do away with tenure.






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