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  What it is, is Pottytrainitus
By Amy Goodson (AmyCougar)




Mom to Mom

Originally posted on Amy's site 1.11.00

I am in the process of potty training my 2 1/2 year old. I don't know if I'm training him or he's training me. It seems I've gotten really good at judging how fast 30 minutes goes by. Although, he IS doing much better than I could have hoped. Let me tell you that potty training was the absolute worst thing I dreaded about motherhood, childhood and any other "hood" I can think of. Even before I was PREGNANT or even the THOUGHT of pregnancy entered my mind, I would find myself wondering about what to do when it came time to potty train my future child. I am not making this up. To me, it was a phobia. Pottytrainitus if you will. Then when I did eventually become pregnant, I dreaded the day when it would come time to venture out of diapers into the cloth underwear. My main reason for this phobia was watching other friends go through it before me. Especially when their kid would say they had to pee and would run to the parents' bedroom and use the carpet for a potty. I absolutely cringed at the thought of having children after watching this display of "potty training". My main questions were: How do you even begin? When do you KNOW they're ready? Somehow, with every other question I had as a new mother, it just happened. Like everything else just happened during my first weeks of motherhood. How you master changing a diaper while balancing the baby in one hand and a months laundry in the other.

So goes potty training. I don't recommend reading too much on the subject even though I am an avid reader, but on some subjects it just pays to teach yourself. Reading about "how to" potty train only confused me more and made me more apprehensive about the whole process. Plus the thought of poopy breeches everyday was not appealing. Also, I don't recommend, for women, beginning the training when you have your monthly "visitor". VERY BAD TIME. Big NO-NO. So, I waited till I was back to somewhat functioning normal and I began. I had actually began over 4 months ago by letting him use the potty on a semi-regular basis. I approached the whole issue in a very laid back manner. So, laid back, I was lying on the couch half the time. Anyway, when I decided to get down and "dirty", I pulled out the cotton training pants. The first day he peed on himself and reveled in the wetness. I freaked. How could a normal person stand to be yucky? This was also when the uninvited guest was around, so I waited till the end of the week to try again.

I began taking him every ten minutes, sometimes both of us kicking and screaming. Then I increased it to 30 minutes. Now, he's actually TELLING me when he has to "go" after being at it for almost a week and a half. I do consider that progress. And I have continued to be very calm about it and be sure to praise him when he does good and not fuss at him when he has an accident. Saturday, the 8th, he graduated to peeing standing up. Just like DaDa! ::Applause:: Now, he can mark his territory just like Rover.

I look at other mothers going through the potty training trials and complaining how their kid won't cooperate and I must admit I feel pretty smug with my toddler's progress. Just WHAT was I complaining about? Of course, as I write this, I may go home and find my toddler has decided he's tired of peeing like DaDa and would much rather take a leak in his pants and go on with his daily affairs without worrying about me pulling his pants down every time he gets interested in Rugrats.

But take heart future potty trainers. I am proof that you can succeed and it's just another learning experience for both of you. You learn to read your child's potty face and your child learns better hiding places to poop in peace.

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