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A Nasty Fall part 1
By April Buchman (bigmomma)


It was a beautiful spring day outside. My family and I were at a friends house for a cook out. The older children were running around outside, playing tag and the adults were sitting on the porch.

As I stood up to go inside, I turned to see if anyone wanted anything. My baby boy, who was only 10 months old at the time, fell down the steps. I was shocked and angered but I held my baby and cuddled him. He stopped crying almost instantly as if the fall didn’t phase him at all. I checked him over and over. He was fine except for a little bruise on his nose.

Later that evening his nose started to swell. I was worried and I wanted to take him to the doctor. Everybody assured me that he would be just fine but I just wasn’t comfortable. I had to take him to the doctor. Little did I know that would be just the beginning of a mothers nightmare.

I arrived at the doctor’s and told them of my concerns. I let them know he fell down the stairs and they comforted me and told me not to worry. They would take x-rays to see if his nose was broken.

It seemed like forever as we waited for the x-ray techs to come back. When they did, they brought some other doctors with them. They looked my son over and took a couple more x-rays. Bewildered I asked them, " What is it ?" They replied that the doctor would talk to me in just a little bit.

Finally, back in the examining room, as my son and I were waiting, in walked not only one doctor but two more as well. They lit up the light to show his x-rays and said " Well ma’am, as far as his nose goes, It looks great. Its not broken and We don’t see any fractures.. However there seems to be a problem with his throat"

I stood up, " What ? What’s the problem ?"

"Well" he replied " Your son looks to have something lodged in his throat and it seems to look like a penny. Two to be exact"

"No way, Let me see."

He then pointed to the coins on the x-ray. The doctor then stated that they were a medical facility and they are not equipped for such things. He told me to go to the children’s hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, an hour away. He told me, " Don’t stop by the house for diapers or anything, It’s imperative you get there now."

"Yes doctor," I assured him and I was on my way.


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