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  Moving on...
By By Christi Gillentine




Mom to Mom

We were young and crazy. At least that is what everyone told me. Before we were married we were planning the move. Not just out of San Bernardino, but out of California altogether. Clint had lived in the town his whole life. I had lived in the town long enough to know I wouldn't raise children there. So we planned. For a whole year we worked towards that goal. It was all crystal clear to us... We wanted the American dream. A home, family and most of all I wanted to stay home with our future children. We saved every penny we could find. Paid off credit cards. And started the tedious process of going through our belongings, deciding what to sell and what to keep. Most importantly we set a move date.

We broke the news to friends and family of our dream. Many supported us...But we heard lots of criticism. Some were brazen enough to say we would be crawling back to California in less than a year. We were warned of how we would hate our destination. I began to realize how others can make us doubt our true calling in life. It was so clear to me, I thought "Why don't they get it?".

During all of it we planned our Wedding. It would be two months before the moving day. I began to think of it as incredibly symbolic, we would enjoy one last big party with all our friends and family to celebrate our deep commitment, then we would be on our way...

We had no jobs lined up, no home waiting for us to furnish when we arrived. My boss gave me a glowing letter of recommendation, and told me that my job was wait for me. It was a hot August day when we set off. Everything we owned in boxes, we leaped hand and hand into our dream. As we drove away I took pictures of the beautiful California San Bernardino Mountains that had been the back drop of my life for so long.

The drive took us through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and finally to Oklahoma. My grandparents were nice enough to sponsor a home until we settled in. Seven days later my husband found a great job. Being newlyweds we wanted our own place quick, so with a job secured, we found a great apartment right away. Things rolled along and we settled into our new lives.

It is now three years later. We own a beautiful home and have three wonderful babies (another story!). My husband is with the same company and I am a proud at-home mom. The journey was worth the risk. You never know... If you dare to dream a dream, watch out cause it may just come true!




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