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  Who wants to Marry a Multi-millionaire?
By motor




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During this election season, we hear many opinions on many different issues. One issue that seems to be a hot topic among the candidates is that of gay rights. Most, if not all, of the candidates believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman—that it is a "sacred" act. If people are so concerned about disturbing the sanctity of marriage by allowing same-sex marriages, then why are many of these same people going home at night to watch a show called "Who wants to Marry a Multi-millionaire?", a show in which fifty women from across the globe compete to marry a man they have never even met. They simply want to marry him because he is ridiculously wealthy. These women go through an interview in which the millionaire’s family gets to rate her answers thus helping to decide who the millionaire marries. The women do not get to ask any questions of the millionaire even though this is a person they will supposedly be spending the rest of their lives with in a "sacred" union. Do you see any of the Presidential candidates blasting this show for its lack of respect for the hallowed act of marriage? No. A loving, same-sex couple cannot legally be married in this country because marriage is a "sacred" union, but two people who have never met, whose relationship is undoubtedly based on money, are allowed to marry on national television. Something is wrong with this picture.




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