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Welfare Reform
by mikesgirl

There has been a lot of talk about reforming Welfare in Washington, and there have been some changes. However, most changes are only on the state level. For instance, in North Carolina, the most recent changes were to deny, or take away, benefits to legal immigrants. One of the benefits taken away was food stamps, which is very sad since we have a large Hispanic population and the majority of them are among the working poor. They can provide for their families to an extent, but need help putting food on the table.

I agree completely that the system, as it was, needed to be overhauled. It was antiquated and in desperate need of changes. However, some of the changes went too far. Single mothers or fathers are now forced to get unskilled labor jobs that offer no medical insurance.

I believe that limits needed to be set. We cannot afford to let the cycle keep repeating itself generation after generation But not at the expense of our children who are at increased risk if they are living in poverty. We need to come up with programs to help the parents get training for a jobs that will allow them to support their children without assistance, but we also need to continue aiding them if they are trying to better themselves through work, training or education.

What do you think? I invite you to join me in this debate on
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