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A Killer In The Family
by Bradygirl

Violence is now as commonplace in our television newscasts as it is on the big screen. Sometimes these real life dramas are more horrific than any screenwriter could ever imagine.

For instance, take the man who injected his child with AIDS tainted blood. Was this not a moronic act? Had he ever watched television or heard about the AIDS virus? I think not. It makes you wonder just what kind of man would do such a thing to his only child to get out of paying child support. Get thee to an AIDS-awareness class immediately!

If you look at the big picture, there seems to be a flaw in this man's plan. If you did give your child AIDS, first he would get the HIV virus and then *eventually* after a few years it would turn to AIDS. It would likely take *many* years before the child would get a full blown case of it and then die. In the mean time, while the child was still alive, the man would have to pay his child support just the same as he always had.

I don't think this man thought this through before he put his plan into action, and realistically, would a *real* father entertain such an idea in the first place?

That's my opinion. Why don't you give me your
Two Cents worth.


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