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Handwriting Analysis
by Carol St. Clair

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the messages you are sending out whenever you write a letter or jot down a note? I don't just mean the content of the words you are writing. I mean what are you revealing about yourself in the way you write.

Every time you put pen to paper you are actually capturing your moods, thoughts, and personality on paper. Handwriting analysis is not a form of fortune telling, it is a scientific method of assessing behaviours, moods, stability, character, and health changes. Handwriting and its connection to personality have been studied since ancient times. Believe it or not Edgar Allen Poe analyzed the handwritings of nobility as a source of income. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave the character of Sherlock Holmes the insight to note character in writing, and even William Shakespeare makes mention of it in The Twelfth Night.

Everyone has three personas. The first is the person you know you are, the one you live with 24/7. The second is the person you project to the world-- family, friends, co-workers, and the public at large. The third is how you are perceived by the world. Often these three personas are similar, but just as often we have differences and usually have know idea how we are being perceived by others. Through a Handwriting Analysis you can clearly identify all three personas and see how well they are integrated.

For those that are skeptical about Handwriting Analysis think about this. Most of us in North America were taught to write using the Palmer Method. If handwriting does not reflect the subconscious then wouldn't we all write the same way as the third grade teacher who taught us? Instead we have all developed a unique style and method of writing. Its not just where you cross your t's and dot your i's that matters, it's the writing as a whole. If you think of the writing as you, and the paper as the world then you can see how you are representing yourself in the world and where you want to be.

Based on one page of writing the average analysis is 7-8 pages in length and covers such things as emotional stability, strengths, career suitability, goal orientation, relationship patterns, honesty, parental influences. All analysis are confidential and only returned to the original writer.

So with Christmas fast approaching I would like to offer the folks at the Coffeerooms a unique gift idea. I am offering gift certificates for analysis for the discounted rate of $45.00 (usual cost $60.00) from October 1 - December 1, 2000. For more information about Handwriting analysis please contact Carol at stpagan@hotmail.com

If anyone would like more information either about Wiccan spirituality or Graphology please contact me.
Carol St. Clair, SSW,CMG
( stpagan@hotmail.com )

I have been studying Graphology since 1982, and received my Master Graphologist Certification in 1998 though the Institute of Graphological Sciences in Dallas. I am currently studying to get my Documents Examiners Certification. So if anyone has a signature or document that is being disputed I would love to have a look at it (free of charge at this time).

In my "spare" time I am a counsellor in a Women's shelter, and the very proud mom to Erin a very happy and healthy one year old.


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