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By Donna Mitchell ~ cyberloss




Diet Buddies

(1) 1/2 hour before a meal fill up on water.

(2) Only eat 2 starches. Remember that alcohol is a starch.

(3) Fill up on veggies and limit yourself to only one dessert.

(4) Have you ever heard the saying " Your eyes are bigger than your stomach"? Cut your portions. Studies show that the first several bites cure your hunger. When your focus turns to other things while you are still eating, that is the sign that you are no longer hungry.

(5) Don't starve all day waiting for that meal or dinner party. Eat 1 hour after you wake up that morning to get your metabolism rolling for the day.

(6) After the dinner make sure to eat protein before you go to bed that night. The sugars and starches that you consumed during the day of a feast will bottom out your blood sugar level over night, making you even more hungry the following morning.

(7) Don't deprive yourself! Eat in moderation but do not feel like you "had" to do without something. When you feel this way, you'll always make up for it by over doing it later.

(8) Do not wait until January to start a diet. People who start NOW are more successful in following through than those who start in January. Why? Because those who start in January are mostly short term focused. Meaning they want to lose it for an occasion such as summer, vacation, etc. Those who start during the holidays realize that it's not about " dieting " but rather changing your lifestyle. Remember-- people who are a size 8 still go through Thanksgiving and Christmas. May as well start learning now.

(9) Here are some effective ways to deal with lingering sweets in the house: Chew gum, brush your teeth (nobody likes to eat after brushing their teeth) or take a bubble bath (this always works for me because it gives me a chance to assess how it would add to my thighs)

(10) Most IMPORTANT!! If all else fails and you feel that you blew it anyway, so what! It takes up to 4 days for the food you eat today to show up, so get right back on track the next morning. Don't give up!




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