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A Close Call
By April Buchman (bigmomma)


The day was at end. I decided to take a shower while my friend next door was visiting so she could watch the children. As I was finishing up rinsing my hair, there was a knock on the bathroom door. My friend, Jen, came in and asked me about some pills and I said why? She said that my daughter came to her and asked her if she would like any. When Jen said No thank you and asked "but did you have any?" my daughter replied yes , then saw her panicked look and replied no.

I immediately hopped out of the shower and flung on my clothes. I went to the living room and sat on the floor next to my little girl and said," Hey honey you need to tell mommy if you ate any of these ok? I won’t be mad at you. Just please tell mommy." She looked at me puzzled, the look of yes, I did, but obviously wondering if she should say no to make me happy.

Well I didn’t waste any time. I took her and went to the hospital with the bottle of pills in hand. We arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes later and I explained to them what happened. They said that not all the pills are in the bottle if my husband was taking them correctly. We were missing 5 pills. and that they would need to pump her stomach if I even had a thought she might have done this. I wasn’t taking any chances.

"Yes, please do it." I was so scared and shaking, tears rolling down my face, but the worst was yet to come. They escorted me out of the room and told me I would have to wait in the lobby. How nauseated I felt as I was taken from the room and saw them strap my little 2 1/2 year old to a board. I heard her cries and screams for nearly an hour. Chills went down my neck and I went outside to escape and get some fresh air. I felt some relief when my friend hugged me and told me she would be just fine. What seemed to be an eternity was merely an hour and they came and got me. When I saw my precious baby, she had blood running out her nose and black stuff on her mouth. She was so red from all the screaming she looked purple. She was angry and shaking. I grabbed my baby and just cuddled her in my arms. I wouldn’t let her go for anything.

The doctor came to me and said "She will be just fine and they did retrieve some pills" They found 3 and 1/2 pills. As he started to leave the room I dared to ask him, "Doctor, If I didn’t bring her in, If I didn’t know she'd taken them, What would have happened?" His reply " It would of slowed her heart rate down, She would have gone to sleep, and then she would have died."

That was many years ago and today she is a very healthy little girl of eleven years old. Since then I have learned to put away medicines and put things in secure places that little fingers can find. I thank God every day for my friend being there when she was there. Never underestimate a child.


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