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  Best Friend
By Trishia Hansen




Mom to Mom

I have a story to tell on how I met me best friend. First off, I should tell you who she is. Her name is Christine Clark and yes, she wrote an article for your the Coffeerooms that you now have displayed. First, I have to say that I agree with her "Why I Work At Home" article. I also work at home. I run my own business designing web pages and am also contracted by a couple ISP's to do their web designing, so I can relate to her article. Well, I am getting off track here....let's continue....

What is a best friend? A best friend is someone who is there no matter what. Someone that listens to you and doesn't criticize you. A friend is someone you can tell a stupid joke to and she will laugh, but still will tell you it was stupid. A friend is someone that you can just blow off steam to about anything and she will take it because she knows that she will be the one blowing off steam next time and you will be there for her.

Chrissie is that friend for me. The reason why I want to share this story is because we have never met in person, even though we only live about 10 -12 hrs away from each other. We have been e-mail pen pals for over 2 years now. We met through each other's guest books on our family homepage. We have the same type of humor and we just kept e-mailing back and forth. The next thing we knew, we were friends. We have traded photos, talked about silly things, shared serious stories and even were there for each other when we both decided to work at home! We both have a son the same age and can relate to things concerning parenting (the whining...." I'm bored..." or the " I'm hungry.."). We have both been there for each other through those hectic days when no one else was. She has helped me edit business papers and I have helped her by answering questions about web design. I look forward to her e-mails everyday because I know it will say something to make me glad I met her. She is funny, witty, and down to earth. Maybe someday we will meet in person, but for now, we will keep e-mailing everyday and continue to share our lives with each other. I think we know more about each other than our friends that live near us do.

I want to say something to Chrissie, because I know she will be reading this (I will be forwarding it to her of course) "I love you, woman! You are the best friend anyone can have and you HAVE to come to Maine and visit me and my family!. We have a private beach ya know....will that entice you??" *smile*

So, to everyone who has an e-mail pen pal, a best friend does not have to be someone you see in person.. it can be someone across the globe!!

Take care!
Trishia Hansen
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