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Callen's General Hospital Page  - An all-around general page detailing General Hospital. Scoops/Spoilers, Last Week in Review, Blast From the Past, etc.

Coffeerooms(tm) General Hospital board  - The Best gathering place for GH fans on the Web! You'll find the nicest people hanging out here.

Billy Warlock Fan Site  - a cool fan site on actor Billy Warlock.

Chad Brannon.Net  - Dedicated to Chad Brannon -- in the role of Zander Smith on General Hospital.

Corinthos and Morgan Imports

General Hospital Onlinw - This is THE GH Super-Site for ALL GH fans! Includea everything from Scoops & Spoiler to Character Histories, and SO much more!!!

General Hospital Rocks!!!!!! - A hot new GH site loaded with spoilers, news, daily show recaps posted immediately after the show each day, tons of pics, message board, chat room w/ 2 weekly member chats, and several original columns written by our resident wits. So come check us out & join in the fun, sign up as a member & recieve our weekly newsletter that includes a weekly recap & trivia!

General Hospital Soap Center - Delphi Forum about General Hospital

GH Fan Club - Get the latest General Hospital Spoilers, Rumors, News, Petitions, Polls and much more!

GHTalk - GENERAL HOSPITAL TALK-Hello GH fans! I know everyone has great ideas and thoughts on message boards - but at times it is so hard to keep up with EVERYONE - so what I did is I made a CHAT ROOM at my site where anyone can talk about GH at any time, yet this way it's fast - it's really easy---here is the site: http://tgeneralhospital.bravepages.com/ghtalk.html To enter the chat room, scroll to the middle of the page till you see this blue box, type in any nickname you like, and your in. It may take some time to enter the page or for the chat room box to load, sorry about this, just be patient, thank you. If you are having problems getting in, email me at generalhospitaltalk@yahoo.ca , I would be more then happy to help; or you can reply to this post.--- it's really that simple, so come on over and lets chat if you want?oh and don?t get me wrong, I still like message boards, you are welcome to come to either or =) The time when more people are on is from 09:00p.m.-12:00p.m.( Eastern Time)-we also have Trivia Nights and polls. Thank you.

GHTalk Café - The GHTalk Chat Room is a world wide live chat room where people from around the world can come and chat about the soap General Hospital. We also have events, they are like gatherings, where GHTalk dedicates a date and time to a certain topic related to GH and when most of the GHTalk visitors join and get together to discuss about that topic. Come join us on our monthly GHTalk Trivia Nights, questions spanning what happened each month on GHTalk.

Kelly's Diner - A GH picture and Jason & Robin fanfiction site

Laura and Stefan instead of Luke and Laura? - A site in support of the Laura and Stefan relationship on General Hospital including the history of Laura's relationship with Luke

Liz's Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans Scrapbook - An appreciation of the actors Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. Fan event summaries, Extensive Photo Galleries, Storyline Summaries, Biographies and Filmographies, Favorite Articles, and everything else you want to know about these two legendary daytime actors can all be found on this site!

Lynda's General Hospital Page - This site has a tape trading page, want ads, family trees of General Hospital, FAQ regarding GH, Character Histories, SSW 98 pictures and info and much more

Stephen Nichols Official Website - The official site of actor Stephen Nichols, best known for his roles of Steve "Patch" Johnson on NBC's Days of Our Lives and Stefan Cassadine on ABC's General Hospital.

The GH Critic - This website critiques the soap opera, General Hospital in a light-hearted humorous manner. It features daily critiques of the show, Crazee Captions, and other fun pages.

The Lucky Spencer Memorial Society - Are you grieving the loss of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital? Join the Lucky Spencer Memorial Society, share your memories and put flowers on our virtual altar.

The Return of Roy - A Martinez has joined the cast of General Hospital as Roy DiLucca.

Without Limits...An Unofficial Chad Brannon Fansite - Personal appearance news & photos, photos from theatre productions & fan reviews, screen captures, and links.

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What are you looking for?   
Search only in Art - Entertainment : Television : Soaps - Daytime : General Hospital -   Search Options

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