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There are two kinds of people in the world: people who think there are two kinds of people and people who arenít really sure.

I fall into the latter group. Iíll give you an example. A couple of years ago, some scientist decided that everybody is either an apple or a pear shape. Iím not so sure. Me, personally, Iím shaped more like a kumquat (it runs in the family). And among my close personal friends, thereís a banana, nectarine, and a prune. Where are we supposed to fit in?

I feel the same way about the "Type A/Type B" personality thing. Psychologists and heart surgeons say that Type Aís are aggressive, driven, workaholics, while Type Bís are laid back, easy-going, slackers. Well, Iím no psychologist, but I think thereís another personality type: Type F. Type Fís have a fear of committing to a single personality and like to play the field.

Because you donít read anything about Type Fís in the news, Iíve developed my own personality profile so you can determine whether if you fit into this category:

1. Do you own a meditation, yoga, or relaxation videotape?
2. When you play your tape, do you fast-forward through the boring parts?
3. Have you ever made yourself a pot of tea in the middle of day from a blend with the words "Calming" or "Soothing" in the title?
4. Did you feel guilty immediately afterward your tea break and decide to do something productive, like dust or patch the hole in the ozone?
5. Have you ever taken a class in yoga or Tíai Chi?
6. Were you kicked out for being too competitive?
7. Do you take one or more long, relaxing bubble baths a week?
8. Do you try to fit your baths in during commercials breaks?
9. Do you chant a mantra every morning to become one with the universe?
10. Is your mantra something like "OhmÖmy gosh, Iím thirty minutes late for work and the kids have missed the busÖ?"
11. Do you get regular massages?
12. Do you keep your beeper on the whole time?
13. Is there a tabletop waterfalls anywhere in your house or office?
14. Is it unplugged because instead of relaxing you, it makes you have to go to the bathroom every ten minutes?
15. Does your alarm clock wake you to the sounds of birds chirping?
16. Do you bolt upright out of bed and grab some paper towels to clean up the bird poop before you realize itís just the alarm clock?
17. Do you enjoy new age music?
18. But do you wish it was a little louder and a little faster?
19. Have you ever tried to clear your mind?
20. Were you afraid youíd never be able to remember important stuff like your name, address, and favorite Ben & Jerryís flavor again?
21. Do you take mini-breaks each day to do some deep breathing?
22. Have you ever breathed so deeply, you once inhaled the cat?

Scoring: 1 point for every odd-numbered question; 2 for every even question.

0-10 You are a Type A personality and darned proud of it. When you see a
flier for a relaxation class, you probably spend your time checking the grammar and spelling, before tossing it in the trash. The last time you actually relaxed was in utero. You donít have time for things like yoga, meditation, or breathing. You will probably become CEO of a major corporation or a spokesperson for Starbucks.

11-22 You are definitely a Type B personality. Not only are you laid back and
peaceful, but you spend all your money buying things to make sure you stay that way. Youíve meditated, visualized, chanted, drummed, harmonized, and rebirthed, without even messing up your hair. You will never be chosen for jury duty because you tend to nap during opening arguments. Your friends call you The Zen Goddess, but they never call you before noon.

23-66 Congratulations, youíre Type F. Youíd like to be easy-going and at one
with the universe, but youíre afraid if you let go, youíll fall off. You think calm and peaceful are a great place to visit, but you wouldnít want to live there. And although you might go back to yoga class and give it another try, this time youíre taking a crowbar so they can pry you out of the lotus position without calling the paramedics.

Iíd like to stay and tell you more about the Type F personality, but Iím late to my Relaxation Class. I hate it when that happens!

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