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Laughter can improve your health, boost your creativity, unlock your heart, and make your life livelier. And, as, Jimmy Buffet said, "If we didn't laugh, we'd all go insane."

We all have stress - whether it's a major stress such as a chronic illness or having lost a job, or a minor stress such as a bad hair cut or an argument with your teenager about nose rings (you want one, he/she thinks you'd look silly!) But if you can choose a humor perspective from which to view your stresses, you will live a longer, happier life, even if you do have bad hair days every day.

Finding Your Funny Bone
Using humor as a life management tool is not about remembering jokes you read on the Internet or pulling pranks on your friends. It is about choosing to see the funny in life instead of the frustrating. About adding joy to others' lives instead of subtracting it. About avoiding life-o-sucters (people who suck the life out of you) and hanging around with people who make you laugh.

My Presentations
If your organization would like to learn to control stress, manage change, and just plain be happy for a change, you may want to check out the following presentations.

Don't Get Mad, Get Funny: Using Humor to Manage Stress - A fun-filled and hilarious look at how laughing at your problems could save your life. Learn the physiological and emotional benefits of humor, then learn how to find your funny bone (even if the dog buried it in the yard last year!) This presentation is also available in the book, Don't Get Mad, Get Funny: A Light-Hearted Approach to Stress Management (Whole Person Associates/Pfeifer Hamilton, 1996).

When I Grow Up I Want to Be Happy - Learn how putting funny messages on your answering machine, practicing random acts of humor, taking a few lessons from your dog, and dressing up as a superhero can improve your health and happiness at home and at work. You'll laugh so hard, your stomach will hurt (which is a great way to tone up without having to do sit-ups!)

We Don't Pay You to Have a Good Time: Using Humor to Survive Conflict and Change at Work - Is your job is so stressful that your office chair has a life-support system built into it? This workshop focuses on practical, yet humorous ways to survive the perils of everyday office life. Learn how to lighten up staff meetings, communicate change with humor, and use an Etch-a-Sketch to resolve conflict!

One-hour keynotes involve lots of props, lots of practical ideas, and lots of laughs. Two and four-hour workshops expand upon the learning process, giving participants an opportunity to work together to implement newly-learned humor tools. Each presentation may be tailored to the specific needs of the organization (more so in the longer workshops.) If your conference has a theme, that theme can also be integrated into the workshop. In addition, if your organization is also searching for evening entertainment, I am available for stand-up comedy tailored to your needs.

What Audiences Have to Say
In the past 8 years, more than a quarter million people have attended my presentations. Some of their comments: "The most motivating speaker I have ever heard."... "You made me laugh. You made me think. Now I'm going to change."... "You were wonderful! I am amazed at your wonderful knack for providing excellent information coupled with personal insights that bring your presentations home!"... "I laughed so hard, I didn't realize how much I had learned." "Without a doubt, the best speaker I have ever heard."

Prior to beginning a career as a humorist, stress management expert, and motivational speaker, I was a health educator and ran the wellness program of The University of Texas - Houston Health Science Center. I am also a stand-up comic, comedy instructor, and humor writer (I have eight published humor books, including I'm Not Getting Older (I'm Getting Better at Denial), Give Me a Break: For Women Who Have Too Much to Do, Bedtime Stories for Dogs, and Bedtime Stories for Cats, The Rules for Dogs.)

Call me!
To join me in a laugh-filled and learn-filled adventure that will make your employees or organization members happier, healthier, and more productive, call (541) 688-1674. And remember, there is not one single shred of scientific evidence that life is serious!

Here is a partial list of some of the organizations for whom I have presented:

    • American Association of University Women
    • American Medical Technicians
    • Barton Hospital- South Lake Tahoe
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • Certified Nurse Administrators
    • Credit Financial Development Division Annual Conference
    • Dove Lewis Humane Foundation
    • Eugene Public Library
    • Exxon - Houston
    • Good Samaritan Hospital - Portland
    • Health Care Communicators of Oregon
    • Health Care Finance Administrators of Oregon
    • International Women's Day
    • Interior Design Associates of Oregon
    • Meals on Wheels Association of America
    • Memorial Southwest Hospital - Houston
    • National Organization of Insurance Women
    • Nursing Education Association - Los Vegas
    • Oregon Community Education Association
    • Oregon Dairy Women Conference
    • Oregon Medical Assistants Annual Conference
    • Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association
    • Oregon Press Women's Association
    • Oregon Rehabilitation Association
    • Oregon School Administrators
    • Oregon State University Manager's Group
    • Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Association
    • Seaside Annual Health Promotion Conference
    • Southwest Washington Medical Center Psychological Services Retreat - Vancouver
    • Tenneco - Houston
    • Texaco - Houston
    • Underwriters Lab
    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department
    • U. S. Forest Service
    • University of Michigan Hospital - Ann Arbor
    • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
    • Willamette Oaks Retirement Center
    • Women on the Move Annual Conference - Eugene

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