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My Husband's MidlLife Crisis
  Hunting and Gathering


Getting Personal

Reality Bites The Dogs Days of Summer
Pump Up the Volume Not Real Simple
Fetch This Column Help Yourself to Self Help
Superman Gets a Cold License to Kill DMV Glamour Shots
Roses Are Red and So Is Blood Brighten Up Stress-free fashion
Not My Cup of Tea Fido, Meet Plato
Happy Birthday Anyway Type F Take the quiz
The Theory of Relativity Making Up Is Hard to Do
Not In the Cards Give It To Me
Thing to Obsess About Today Damsel in Distress Fun with car repair
Mammograms R Us Just do it! Sit On It Some assembly required
The Shape I'm In What *is* Victoria's secret?
Youíre Too Old to Shop Here
Nothing's Ever Easy The art of buying towels
How To Make An Amish Bread Bomb
Working it Out Before the Wedding
Iím Okay, Youíre Socially Dysfunctional
Womenís Magazine Headlines Youíll Never See
My Husband Cooks Dinner-A Short Play
Who Wants to be Leader of the Free World?
Take Two Tea Bags and Call Me in the Morning
Laughing Your Way to a Healthier, Happier Holiday
Men are From Mars,Women Expect a Valentine Anyway
Too Smart for Their Own Good Is your can opener a member of MENSA?
I'd Like to Change My Order Birth order matters. Does not. Does too.

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