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The Dogs Days of Summer

Itís hot. Too hot. I donít want to do anything except lie on the couch and lick myself, but there are things to sniff, people to sniff, and places to, well, sniff. So I grab my squeaky toy and run down the hall. I try running amok, but this morning I can only make it up to running askew. Or is it amiss? I always get those two confused.

Of course, before I can really start my day, I have to perform those boring daily hygiene activities. What a chore! Roll in the grass. Shake. Repeat. It gets tedious day in and day out. In fact, even though Iíve only been up an hour, it feels like seven. Then, of course, comes the things we polite women donít discuss in public, especially if weíve just done these things on the neighborís front lawn and she is running after us screaming. Does she know how unattractive she looks with that face? Think pug ugly.

Next on the agenda, breakfast. I have the usual Ė raw little turkey and a sip of soy milk, nonfat, of course. A girlís gotta watch her figure, you know. You may not care if that roll of fat around your neck keeps getting caught under your collar and your haunches get haunchier every year, but Iím in the public eye. You wouldnít believe the pressure to stay thin. My ribs donít show and I never hear the end of it. But I refuse to try that SlimDog all the Hollywood dogs live on. Lifeís too short as it is.

Then, of course, itís time for my beauty rest. Iíd like five or six hours, but usually have to make do with three or four. And itís not a restful rest either, what with the typing coming from the next room hour after hour and All My Children blaring at noon. And the occasional vacuuming. Not to mention the new dog, Justin. All he wants to do is play, play, play. I wish heíd grow up. Men! Iíve sent letters to the SPCA complaining about the conditions at this establishment, but so far, nothing. I do my best Ė I crawl under a blanket to try to muffle the noise and occasionally whimper quietly.

Iím not the kind of dog whoís really into exercise. I wouldnít mind a walk by the river so much if there werenít always other dogs around. When Iím out, I like to be the center of attention. And no, that wet golden retriever coming down the path, shaking all over everyone is not cute! You want cute, look over here fellas. And there are always those dogs "friendly" dogs. Friendly my hindquarters! If I want to be mauled by large slobbering beasts with horrid breath and no manners, I can get that at home. Canít we all be civil? You say on your side of the path and Iíll stay on mine. Just think how much friendlier things will be if I donít have to sink my teeth in your leg.

I come back exhausted from trying to teach everyone manners and yet I am expected to do more. I tell you, a bitchís job is never done. Today is Tuesday, so in addition to the mail carrier, the UPS guy, and that annoying little girl whoís always hanging around trying to sell something, I have to contend with the trash man. I admit I kind of like him. Thereís just something about a guy who smells like garbage that gets me all hot and bothered. I save my sexiest bark for him, but so far, he doesnít know Iím alive. Oh, well, his loss.

Finally, my day is done and itís time for bed. A few years ago, I treated myself to a king size bed. You may think thatís a little extravagant for a girl who only weighs 23 pounds Ė okay 24, but Iíll deny it if you tell anyone. But unfortunately, my people insist on sleeping with me, as does the annoying new dog. What kind of name is Justin for a dog anyway? But I shall try to make the best of it. To sleep, perchance to dream of the garbage man.

*Leigh Anne is taking the week off, so her 4-year old wiener dog, Maddy Lou, decided to share a page from her journal with you.

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