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Directed by Michael Apted
Screenplay by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and Bruce Feirstein
Starring Pierce Brosnan , Sophie Marceau ,
Robert Carlyle , Denise Richards, Judi Dench
My advice: Not for the true James Bond fan, but good enough
Rating out of

Okay, here we go. Not being a diehard Bond fan, I am probably the type of person this movie is made for. I imagine the true Bond fans are dying for something a little bit different by now, but in The World is Not Enough, you won't get it.

Bond (Brosnan) becomes involved in yet another sinister plot to foil as a wealthy industrialist is murdered under his very nose. An injured Bond fails to capture the murderer so he continues on the job, in the hope of preventing the possible death of the dead guy's daughter, Elektra King (Marceau). Now he must track down an assassin (Carlyle) who, through the stupidest plot twist ever, is unable of feeling any pain. Along the way, in comes the obligatory babe in the miniskirt, Nuclear Scientist Christmas Jones (Richards).

Let's put it in a nutshell. Opening scene with many bombs and explosions. Opening music with the usual Bond-like writhing girls and a bad opening song. Bond chases the villain. Bond catches the villain. Bond beds the girl. Now toss in a zillion sexual inneundo jokes and a few more "Bond beds the girl" and you have it.

I didn't hate this movie. I laughed out loud and enjoyed the chase scenes and all of the typical Bond like-stuff that these movies are made of. My only problems with the film are the very same things that make Bond film's what they are. In essence, what makes me like these movies are the very same things that cause me to want to toss my popcorn at the screen. The women.

I don't know about you, but as I rush off to diffuse nuclear bombs, I always slip into my crushed velvet purple mini dress. And when I am ready to blow up a small country? Nothing says bombs like a see through chiffon with sequins and lace. Don't worry though, because I plan on slitting the skirt up to mid-thigh so I can run if I need to.

It's the same Bond stuff that we've seen in the past but don't let it deter you from a fun ride. And, in all honesty, had it just been two hours of Brosnan sitting in a chair saying, "Bond. James Bond." with his marvelous accent, I still would have gone.


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