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I spend way too much time at the theaters.
I'm a slave to the Hollywood Visionaries.  God help me.


Directed by Troy Miller

Written by Steven Bloom, Jeff Cesario,
Mark Steven Johnson, & Jonathan Roberts

Starring Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston,
Mark Addy, Henry Rollins, Joseph Cross

My Advice: If you have kids and a love of the whimsical, rent it

Rating: out of

Yes, I know this isn't in a theater. Yes, I know it's a video release. Yes, I know it was panned by the critics. And you know what else I know?  I know I loved it.

I originally bought this film for my two smallest children. It had seasonal appeal and who doesn't love a good snowman doing comedic pratfalls? Let me take a moment to introduce you to Jack Frost (Keaton). Lead singer for a blues band on the edge of soon to be realized fame (interesting note, Keaton did his own vocals while fronting the faux band and did an admirable job at that), he has it all. A beautiful wife, (Preston), a fantastic son, (Cross) and the knowledge of knowing he truly was the best Batman ever. Oh, wait. My thought train derailed. Back to the task at hand.

Frost is a lovable guy but a bit misguided. Overwhelmed with his desire to succeed we begin to realize that his success should be self evident in his happy marriage and fantastic son. The sad thing is what we can see, he is blind to. He's breaking promises and hearts with every step and it takes a magical twist of fate to offer him redemption. After a tragic accident, he's resurrected in all his snowy glory.

I know this all sounds a bit farfetched and illogical but, you know what, we're talking about a snowman here! If he was to boogie board in the Pacific with Hillary Clinton on his arm, we just couldn't complain. There is nothing logical about the premise of this film, and it's not meant to be served up that way. What this movie is all about is the heart of this film.

It's a movie about second chances, a movie about making things right. It's a movie about understanding who you are and what true accomplishments in life are all about. It's a movie about faith, hope, and some well-meaning charity. It left me feeling good and laughing aloud and, in this day and age, I don't care who serves that up to me. He can defrost in my yard anytime.  Enjoy him.  I know I sure did.


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