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I spend way too much time at the theaters.
I'm a slave to the Hollywood Visionaries.  God help me.


Directed by Ron Howard

Written by Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel,
based on the screenplay for Louis 19,
le roi des ondes by Michel Poulette

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Jenna Elfman,
Woody Harrelson, Martin Landau, Ellen DeGeneres

My Advice: Wait and Rent It

Rating: out of

Opie, Opie, Opie. Whatever were you thinking??

This is the story of Ed. He's fairly handsome. Fairly bright. Unfairly dealt a family worthy of the Kennedy clan. His obnoxiously arrogant brother (Harrelson) pushes him into signing on the dotted line in order to have his life televised round the clock.

What can you say about this premise that wasn't said already about the Truman show? The only difference between this and the other is one of these guys knows their televised and the other one doesn't.

The movie has a clever cast and it's really a shame it can't fulfill it's promise. The bulk of it is Ed's blossoming relationship with his brother's girlfriend (Elfman) and how quickly tiring the fame and fortune of the glamorous life can be.

Although it has some highs they are over compassed by the lows. The ending seemed flat, the middle seemed semi-flat, and I kept wondering if there should have been more. Ed TV2?  I hope not.


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