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I spend way too much time at the theaters.
I'm a slave to the Hollywood Visionaries.  God help me.


Directed by Hugh Wilson

Written by Hugh Wilson

Starring:  Brendan Fraser, Alfred Molina, Sarah Jessica Parker

My advice:  Still reeling from how poor the movie was.
Need therapy before advising.

Rating: out of

Oh Dudley. How could you do me so wrong?

Let's start out, in all fairness, to say this will be a difficult review for me to write. I mean, how can one review a flick from the confines of their sweltering Mini-Van??

Yes, I felt it was that bad. I had two preteens with me who were begging to go within the first half an hour. After a mildly uninspired "Lords of the Dance" meets "Dances with Wolves" I shucked aside my popcorn and followed suit.

Let's get on the record, once more, that I adore Brendan Fraser. I can rehash his lovable loser abilities to no end on this one, but it won't save this movie.

I was disappointed. I had high hopes - being a true Canadian myself - that the morning cartoon I religiously watched while slopping down my Cheerios with gusto would spring to life in a wonderful reenactment. Remember good old George of the Jungle?? Well, they pulled that one off, didn't they?

The problem with this - from what little I saw - was an uninspired script with uninspired acting and, aside from the always wellcast Fraser, uninspired casting. Wow. That about said it all.



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