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I spend way too much time at the theaters.
I'm a slave to the Hollywood Visionaries.  God help me.

Directed by Andrew Fleming
Written by Andrew Fleming & Sherry Longin
Starring Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, Dan Hedaya and many more!
My advice: A must see. Truly comic genius.
Rating: out of

Deepthroat. No, not the porn flick, but instead the insidious insiders who brought Tricky Dick down. If this movie would have you believe it, it was hardly a deep mystery at all but instead two love-struck teenagers who, through many a trip and twist, brought peace to the US and Soviet Unions, ceased the war in Vietnam, and were directly responsible for Dick's paranoia with a barrage of marijuana laden cookies.

Dick is the story of two girls, Arlene Lorenzo (Williams) and Betsy Jobs (Dunst) who, in a besotted late night trip to mail off a letter for a Bobby Sherman contest, indirectly set about the capture of the Watergate burglars. A short while later while on a school tour of the White House, the girls get appointed "official dog walkers" for Nixon's dog, Checkers. As they vapidly perform their new duties they come upon the shredding of the Watergate documents and find themselves unknowingly in the possession of critically important documents related to the payoff operation.

This movie, in my humble opinion, was comic genius at it's best. The plot is amazing and rip-roaringly effective. At many points in this fantastic film I was laughing so hard my ribs ached.

Oh, I know it sounds terribly farfetched, but I do so suggest you let Dick suck you on in. After all, he did if for a nation. Now let's take it to a more personal level!

I highly recommend you take the time for this inventive comedy! It's marvelous!


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