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I'm a slave to the Hollywood Visionaries.  God help me.


Directed by Frank Oz

Written by Steve Martin

Starring Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy,
Heather Graham, Christine Baranski, Terence Stamp

My Advice: Don't miss it

Rating: out of

Bobby Bowfinger (Martin) is an aging, soon to turn fifty, aspiring director convinced that his star will never shine. As his age catches up to him he's all but ready to throw in the towel until his accountant, Afrim (Adam Alexi-Malle), submits to him what Bowfinger is sure will be Oscar worthy film material. It's a Men In Black meets Psycho meets Solient Green script called Chubby Rain. (The aliens drop to earth in the raindrops, making the raindrops chubby. Who can't love that title?)

Sneaking a rendezvous with a big time producer, Renfro (Robert Downey, Jr.) he is advised in tongue in cheek fashion that should he get a big big mega star to play the lead, well, hot dog, he has a GO picture!! But it's Megastar Kit Ramsey (Murphy), to be precise, that Renfro desires.  Desperate but hopeful, Bowfinger does all he can to get Ramsey to view the script. He's tossed from properties, shoveled undecorously from moving's a no on the GO. So, he does what any self respecting director in that great moral valley of Hollywood would do. Films Ramsey without him knowing it.

Steve Martin does what he does best. He has written a wonderful script that leaves no comedic stone unturned. There is not a facet of Hollywood life that he doesn't poke fun at in this picture. Scientology, directors, writers, starlets, aging actresses, bad scripts, and - as his horribly acted movie gets raves during a Hollywood screening - he seemingly pokes fun at movie viewers as well.

Eddie Murphy also does what he does best. No one can pull off multiple characters as well as this guy. Kit Ramsey is an on-the-emotional edge, over paranoid, full steam basket case. It is everything he can do to hold his day to day life together. And then there is Jiff, the slow witted Kit "stand in" who aspires to nothing more than fulfilling coffee orders at Starbucks. It's the Nutty Professor all over again.

In fact, I enjoyed all the major players in this film, right down to Bowfinger's pornographic dog. Baranski is over the top as an aging actress who longs to work once more. Graham is a touch of "Debbie Does Dallas meets Sound of Music" as a fresh off the bus hopeful who is only concerned with who she must bed next to get ahead in the world. (No pun intended.)

This is just a fun fun fun picture. See it in the theatre. This is better enjoyed with the reactions of others around you.


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