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Directed by Jay Roach
Written by Mike Myers & Michael McCullers
Starring Mike Myers; Heather Graham, Seth Green,
Mindy Sterling, Verne Troyer and Elizabeth Hurley
My advice: taken with a grain of salt,
and followed by a shot of tequila, it's not half bad.
Rating: out of

I am so disappointed in myself. After I watched the first "Austin Powers" on Pay-Per-View and I called my local cable company and demanded a full refund. How could they possibly pass this abomination off as a movie worthy of my $3.99? So, when I rented this second one, I was ready to lobby Hollywood Video for my money back. Much to my chagrin, I found myself actually laughing. ::hangs head in shame::

Perhaps this just caught me on a "low-taste" day. I stifled a few giggles and made due with snickering behind a pillow just in case someone in my home might accuse me of enjoying this silly flick.

Here's the scoop. Powers (Myers), once again, goes head to balding-head with his arch enemy, Dr. Evil (Myers, again). It seems Dr. Evil has sent someone back through time to take from Austin the very thing that gives him his Powers. His mojo. Without his mojo, Austin is Powers-less. Returning himself back through time in a psychedelic LoveBug-esque machine, Austin pairs up with CIA's Felicity "Shagwell by name. Shag very well by reputation" Shagwell (Graham). Together the mojoless superspy and the hot chick in the hotpants seek out the mojo.

Although peppered with the obligatory sexual innuendoes, I still found this a romping good time. I mean, how can you not like a trampy Russian spy named Ivana Humpalot? How can you not giggle at the shadowed-tent scene which I cannot even begin to explain here? And when Austin dukes it out with the now infamous Mini-me (Troyer) I forgot about my desire to hate this for it's sheer stupidity and enjoyed it for that very reason.

In short, from the inventive opening sketch to the star-studded cameos, I actually felt this was rather shagadellic. Yeah, baby.


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