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December 30th, 1999
Fun things to do while Internet chatting

I'm tired. I am tired and I am still sick. Ugh. I don't even know how much longer this journal will go on. Our entire lives are going to need to change to accommodate my husband's lost job. I've taken my kids out of daycare -- we can ill afford it -- and now I need him to be home during the day. He'll most likely get something working evenings but the money is not going to be the same. Of course I'll save on the daycare but now it'll be harder to get by. I'm not complaining, I can do it. But I think what it means is I need to really freelance push and I can't do that if I'm writing a journal everyday, too. It's just too much to try to creatively push out.

Anyway, enough complaining. I'm here for now. That's what counts. And I really don't think I am getting very many folks reading me -- other than family and a few oddball moms like myself anyway -- so I don't imagine I'll be missed much.

Just reread the above and I sound down. I'm not, really. I think I am just exhausted. Lots of worrying and ill on top of it sure doesn't help much. But what's a gal to do?

I also now need to figure out how to keep our first family vacation plans alive. We had planned in June on going to Florida to visit my brother. My only hope of achieving this now is my tax return. I won't be able to save the money, that's for sure. But I'm resourceful so I'll make it happen. We were going to stay with him for two weeks and he has offered to pay for Disneyworld. The kids have talked about nothing else -- I have to make it happen. It's either buy a new car, take a train, take a plane, take a bus -- all of it so expensive. I think we can swing a down payment on a car, but then I have to figure out how to get the money together for gas and stuff. If we can't get approved for a car, we may do the train but then we have to layover in Chicago and Washington and it takes three days. The bus is just as expensive as the train - I was surprised -- and airplane cost is out of the question. Anyway, I have 6 months to create a miracle....I intend on making it happen.

Enough whining. Not a very fun entry on my part today, huh? Okay. Off to fun stuff!

____________________________Fun things to do while Internet chatting:

Create random room riots
Go into the Depech Mode room and tell them the Marilyn Manson room has been talking about them behind their back. Let the Marilyn Manson room know the same. Now sit back with popcorn and wait for the fun to begin.

Enter any room with "rain" in its name.
Proclaim you are a lowly drop but tell them you think you would make a great spring shower. Then ask someone to dew you. Ask repeatedly and often until you succeed in emptying out the room.

Visit the "I'm an Evil PopTart Room"
Pass yourself off as a malcontent donut. (Be careful, those fruit filled breakfast treats are really not as sweet as they seem.)

Go to the "Ask a Genius Anything Room."
Run in and advise them to ask you something fast because you are working on another conjunction junction, what's that function.

Visit the "United States Sucks" room in the United Kingdom section. Go in singing America the Beautiful and keep on singing until you are safely within the boundaries of creating the next world war. Then threaten to nick their TeleTubbies. They take their TeleTubbies very seriously over there.

Enter any room with "crossdressing" in the title:
Come in singing, "Hey, Jude. Don't wear that dress. Get some Covergirl and make it better."

Find a room entitled "Hot Tub"
Ask about the Hershey bar floating in the water.

Find a room entitled "Room Full of Idiots"
Impress them with the fact you realized there were only two of them in there so the room really wasn't full to begin with. That should make them feel really stupid.

Find a room called "Room Full of Nuts" [no doubt a hop, click and a jump from the vastly amusing Idiot room)
Enter the room asking for Pecans and when someone says "Cashew" offer them a Kleenex but tell them you need it back because you clean your nuts with it.

Find a room entitled "DIE CAPITALISTS!"
Enter the room proclaiming to be "merely a lower case "b" with upper case aspirations". When they scream at you to leave, tell them you think that is a capital idea. That should show them who's boss.

Find the "Nudists Online" room.
Tell them you are wearing full winter garb, including a hat. Tell them you are really shy, because it is your first time online naked, and that you need someone to coax you into taking your clothes off.

In the United Kingdom section, locate the "Men Who Only Wank At Work" Room.
Wait for someone to offer to wank with you and then advise them it is your day off and you're home and if you wanked it would feel like you're cheating on your office.

Go to the "Marching Band" room
Wait for someone to say hi to you and then ask them if that is a piccolo in their pocket or if they are just happy to see you.

Find a room entitled "Successful Minds"
Tell the room that you have a successful mind but a failure body. Ask if you can stay if you promise to lose weight.

Go to the "Arizona" chat room
Tell them that Arizona is only Mexico without the accent. Ask to see everyone's green card.

Find the "Oh My God! It's Huge! Room
Go into the room and tell them, while you are gratified they have set aside a room for your ego, you are a bit disappointed in all of them for not letting you know.


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