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December 3rd, 1999

Disco - Now That Was Music!

Hellooooooo! Happy, happy Friday! I love the end of a work week. Nothing like looking forward to eight hundred pounds of laundry to get a girl really, really excited.

I went shopping yesterday. I've gotten craftier in my old age because now I am buying stuff for my kids that I want, too. I'm getting some great stuff. Yehaw!

The only gift I've asked for is a CD player for my office. I spend a great deal of time there and I would like to revisit those wonderful days of Disco on a daily basis. You know why? Because Disco was great, great music.

I'm a TV junkie. I freely admit it. Nothing soothes a case of jangled nerves better than an hour of pitiful programming geared to make you feel like you're just missing the boat entirely. There's not a crisis in the world that television can't solve. And they can do it all in a half-hour time slot cleverly wedged between feminine protection ads and...

"Those 70 HITS! Brought to you by This Music Is So Bad It Must Be Wrong-CO! Join us in a pure-vinyl celebration of our favorite songs from a time when big hair was in and a big party was even inner!" (Author's note: Feel free to cringe with me. Aqua-net apparently did nothing for our grammar back then.)

My son wanders in and settles in a puff of dirt on the couch.

Who could ever forget Love Roller Coaster, by the Ohio Players!

"Move over dad cause I'm a double dipper! Upside down on the big dip dipper..."

"Ew, Mom. That's so lame. Did you guys really party with your dads back then? No offense, but my friends would just laugh at me if I brought you along to a party."

I hate it when kids try to make you feel old. The mere fact that you don't welcome your husband home in the evening with "Wassup Peeps!" or address the Bingo Club with "A shout out to my Bingo homies!" does not make you old. It only further defines your unappreciated great taste.

"Disco was super music. You just don't get it. The lyrics were so much better than the music you kids listen to nowadays. It was deep and spiritual and moving. Really classy stuff."

And what 70's compilation would be complete without "Fly Robin, Fly" by the Silver Convention!

We are now treated to thirty seconds of "Fly Robin, fly - up up to the sky."

My son is laughing so hysterically I am sure he will shake himself out of his baggy pants with just one more snort.

"Is that it? Don't they say anything else? Just the same thing over and over?" He almost falls off the couch "Deep and spiritual? Wow - that is profound!"

I toss a pillow at his head. "Well unlike kids nowadays we were very involved with the preservation of wildlife! Birds were a very big deal! So big, in fact, that we had our hair feathered as a sign of solidarity! And what would you know about music? Most of the stuff you listen to sounds like it's being sung by someone awakening from a drug induced coma!"

"That's because most of them are, Mom."

"I can not believe anyone spends a dime buying the crap you kids call music. I can get the same overall effect by sticking my head under a lawnmower while it's running."


You can ring my belllllll...ring my bell... ring a ling a ling

The dog begins to howl in the yard and a flower pot shatters in the kitchen window.

You can ring my belllllll...ring my bell... ring a ling a ling

The cat shrieks through the living room and slams herself repeatedly at the screen door in an effort to get out of the house.

You can ring my belllllll...ring my bell... ring a ling a ling

My son bolts to the bedroom and I find myself alone.

Disco is great, great music.


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