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November 29th, 1999

"It's a sick day!"

I was sick Sunday afternoon so no movies for me. I'll try again next weekend but all I did was crawl into my pajamas and head off to bed. Here is the Monday journal for you all.............AHCHOO!

See you Tuesday

So, I was sick yesterday. Not earth shattering sick, but sick nonetheless. Since Mom's are never allowed to be sick, I immediately went in search of the aspirin before, by some freak of nature, somebody happened to notice.

"Has anyone seen the Tylenol?"

"What's wrong, honey. Are you sick?"

"No, I am just really concerned about the Tylenol's location. We haven't had a postcard in weeks and I am thinking of calling those milk carton people,"

"Very funny."

And then something amazing happens. My husband begins to root in the
cupboards. As I stand in stunned silence, my son moves in from the livingroom and rifles through a drawer.

I am overwhelmed. Look at them. So concerned for Mom's well-being that they have joined in the search. I drag myself over to the kitchen table and take a seat. They're taking care of me. I'm close to tears with the Hallmark quality of the moment. What a monumental day this is! I should play the lottery tonight! Fortune has shined upon me and I am a very lucky woman.


"Yes, honey?"

"Do you have any idea where the extra batteries are? Dad and I need them for the remote control car we're building in the driveway."


Later that evening my thirteen-year-old, the vary same one who left me
knocking on Death's door in the kitchen, comes into my room and finds me laying headdown on my computer keyboard.

"Mom? You all right?"

"Fine. I'm fine. It's just a very complicated URL address."

He peeks over my shoulder.


"I think it wants the rest of the alphabet. I just can't remember it right now."

He reaches for a blanket on the bed and wraps it over my shoulders.

"Here. This will keep you warm. Would you like some tea?"

I can barely speak.

"Ice water would be nice."

"Okay. You wait here. I'll go get it."

As he retreats down the hallway, I can hardly contain my confusion.

"Are you flunking Science!"

A few moments later, as I choke down my water, I am practically delusional.

Pod Children. Someone had kidnapped my kids and replaced them with pod children.

My son then returns with the Tylenol.

"Here, I finally found them."

Pod Children are kind of cool.

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