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November 24rd, 1999

"I am the Pongman. Kuu kuu ka chew."

Well.  How about that Ally McBeal?  I'll tell you right now I almost
swallowed my tongue when Ally's father walked into the room Monday night. Who would have guessed?

I have nothing to report today.  Not one thing.  Nothing spectacular has
happened to me, no interesting things to note.  Wait. There is one thing. My right hand hurts. Way too much typing time, I am guessing. I'll be glad when Thanksgiving gets here tomorrow. I'm going to attempt to take a little hiatus from the computer. (Translation:  I'll be online twenty-two hours a day instead of twenty-three.)

Well, there's a topic.  I imagine some of you are wondering how a mom of four can manage to hold a full time job, write a daily on-line journal and do movie reviews as well?  The answer is quite simple.  I do international imports for a living.  Some days for me can be rather busy and others rather slow.  This leaves me uninterrupted creative time.  Also, my husband works evenings.  After I get the little ones down to bed around seven o'clock I have about three hours before I retire myself.  In between work and my online time at night, I do my household stuff.  I also have time to watch TV, read, spend time with
the kids......

::takes a spontaneous nap::

I am the Pong-man. Kuu kuu ka chew

As much as I enjoy this new computer revolution, I often yearn for the
simpler days when, with one button and a knob on a pad, you were all set for a rousing game of Pong! Anyone remember Pong? Heck, I was so skilled with that Atari of mine I'd venture to say I could have played it blindfolded, with my feet, while chatting with my friends on the telephone. But, that was then...

Now what we have is a world full of sixth graders no doubt suffering from the onset of Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome. I've played these new games with my kids and this is clearly not entertainment designed for mankind as we exist today. You obviously need to be some type of alien creature with three extra thumbs and antenna on your head capable of toggling a joystick for you in order to really enjoy this stuff.

Having seen how skillfully your kids have mastered Nintendo, it makes you stop and wonder a little, huh? Those lights in the front yard that night might not have been from a passing semi on the highway, afterall. You may be housing a Pod-kid.

So, yesterday my Pod-kid sends me an email asking that I print something at the office and bring it home. In looking his email over I realized it was additional music for the Nintendo 64 version of "Zelda - The Ocarina of Time." All of this music was designed for the hero of the game, Link, to play on his Ocarina (a little triangular flute). If your child possesses this game, keep reading because I am going to make you super cool and cleverly hip by passing along this information! If not, just plug your ears and sing a little. I'll tap you on the shoulder when we're done.

Okay. <conspiratorial whisper> So, I am looking this over and it dawns on me that someone has actually taken the time to learn how to play -- using the Nintendo gamepad -- various different songs simply by touching the proper buttons in certain order. Now not only will Link play the songs required for the game, but he can also play the theme from "Beverly Hills Cop" as he dashes about the forest looking for that maiden in peril. And that's not all. There's more. This list also includes, but is not limited to, "My Heart Will go On", from Titanic; "Closing Time" by Semisonic; "One Week" by Bare Naked Ladies; and "The Simpson's Theme".

Someone has a lot of free time on their hands. I pray this person is never possessed by the desire to overthrow a small nation somewhere. Clearly he is quite dedicated to whatever the task at hand.

Since we parent's strive each day to be less "square" and more "phat", I am passing this information on to you. Just click
right here for a copy of that email content and print it on out. Turn on that Nintendo and practice late into the evening. Impress that surly, teenaged child and finally elevate yourself to a status worthy of a parent like you!

I'm trying to figure out how to play the "Theme from Jaws." I think that
will come in handy at report card time. If you figure it out before I do,
drop me a line.


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Marijke Hildreth



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