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May 10th, 2000
Oy Vey

Thank goodness for Annie's discerning eye. I just realized that I have been sending in all of these damned things dated for "April."

Yes, I am that far behind.

Okay, just got home from the grocery store and am preparing to read to my kidlets. I write these a day in advance, so it is Buffy and Angel night, tonight. Yes, I must watch.

The new puppy, Abby, is doing well. Goes potty when we take her out and we bought a couple of absorbent little training puppy pads for her. She potties on those, so that is good. No other mishaps in the evening. She's been an excellent puppy.

Not too much is going on. I am working like crazy.

Oh, if any of you are doll collectors, the new magazine I have been working so hard on is up at

Just look for the magazine area.

For now, I am off. But I do have a new column up for you. It's called:
Stirring Things Up A Little

See you!


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