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April 9th, 2000
Neither A Borrower Nor Lender Be

It's raining as I type this, and I'm freezing. The men in my office keep the air conditioner on all day. I'm going to write a column on that, some time soon. Men and their need to be frozen out of whatever locale they happen to be in. I'm sure it is because, as CroMagnon men, they skipped about the forest in tiny loin clothes clubbing baby creatures. They're just use to being frozen. We, however, as women, sat next to the fire in our cave -- proving we were smarter, even then -- bitching about skinning all of the previously undead furry creatures while our husbands stood around thumping themselves on the chest in congratulatory measure.


Speaking of men. My husband bought me a dog. Apparently he decided there was one square foot of space not previously occupied with a breathing mammal in my home and he needed to fill it. I was surprised at work today with my "Mother's Day" gift. A three month old Basset Hound who we are calling Abby. It's a damned good thing she is cute or I'd ram her up his...well, she's cute. Good thing.

I've also written a column in homage to my mother, since I have been gone. If I could have taken the womb with me upon leaving, and never given it back to her, I would have.

Here it is:
Neither A Borrower Nor Lender Be

See you on Wednesday!



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