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April 24th, 2000

I've met my share of unsavory characters on the internet. That's why it still baffles me when women I know are ready to pack their bags and skip off to the Bahamas with a guy who begins a conversation with;

"How r u?"

Oh, yes. I'm watching another victim fall.

On of my coworkers has met a man via the internet. Apparently he just cruised the Member Profiles of AOL and selected her out of the blue.

All I can say is thank goodness she just started a few weeks ago and I haven't grown that attached to her yet.

She says I'm being silly and that I worry to much. I've told her that when she comes "stumping" into the office with no feet beneath her knees or he shuts her up in a meat locker for his future torture needs she had best not come crying to me.

"Theodore Wayne Bundy Dahmer Gacy is my name."

Shame. She seems like such a nice girl. I wonder if I can get her parking space after she's gone?

See ya Tuesday!

Maji "FunnyBabe" Hildreth


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