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April 17th, 2000
Courting Disaster

I'm not sure if I mentioned it but the other day I got a cease and desist letter saying I can't use my name anymore. No, not the FunnyBabe Online. My actual given name.

As a matter of fact, not only did this individual track me down singularly via my AOL account, but he also sent a nice letter to Mike and Annie here at the Coffeerooms, as well. Mike kindly told him that his plea had no merit, gave him a fatherly pat on his head, and sent him on his way. That's a lot more than I ended up doing for him.

A fellow writer friend of mine had suggested it may be a column in the making. Since I only had the one email from him at the time, I declined.

However, just this evening, I had the priviledge of exhanging several emails with the plaintiff and, lo and behold, my cohort was right....

..."I'm being sued! I'm going to court! I'm saving up for a trendy, red power suit and I'm going in with both literary barrels blazing!..."

"Courting Disaster."

See you tomorrow. Bring a cake with a nail file.

Maji "Defendant" Hildreth


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