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April 12th, 2000
I'm 35.

Thirty five today. Happy Birthday to me. On an humorous note, Peg and Marion remembered me. Far more than I deserve as I am so busy I never email back. They're good girls, Peg and Marion.

Hello Dear Maji-

Peg and Marion here. We are dropping in to wish you a very happy birthday.

Several weeks ago in your journal you had a column where you noted your birthday. We put the date (12 April) in our "Important Date Data Bank" so we
wouldn't forget.

(Imagine, if you will, 2 ninety something year old broads, kicking up their heels in a kereoke bar after consuming 1.2 maybe a dozen margarita's and singing

Happy Birthday to Maji / Happy Birthday to Maji / Happy Birthday dear Maji / Happy birthday to you!!
How old are you now? / How old are you now? / How old are you Maji? / How old are you now? (that was the obligatory rhetorical birthday verse. No need to answer.)

We hope you have a great day and do something for yourself.

We will check in again, soon. We noticed you revamped your web page again.

Take care, we are as we almost always are-

Peg and Marion

Now, I'm off to celebrate a very merry unbirthday to me.

Wait, that was wrong.

See you tomorrow;


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