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March 27th, 2000
Oy vey

What a weekend. Now, I'm not going to discuss the Oscars here, cause I haven't seen em yet. It's still Sunday morning. I can say, "What a weekend!" already because I am wiped out.

Saturday we went to the flea market, which was a rousing good time. Found my little boy a Fisher Price garage the size of Trump Towers. All in perfect condition and only $6.00. I never ceases to amaze me what kind of things you can get at the market.

Also went and bought some new furniture. A huge new kitchen table with six chairs, and two bunk bed sleeping things for the kid's room. My daughter has one that has a desk built into the base, and the babies now have one that is two beds in a L-shape with dressers, etc, included. Very nice. Set me back a pretty penny, but it was worth it. I need some new things in the house.

Right now I am just sitting here in my PJ's getting ready to take a shower. I'm hitting the movies today, if I can, and we still need to put together the second set of bunkbeds. Ugh.

So, with all of this work to be done, the entry today will be a bit short. But I promise you I shall watch the Oscars tonight and have more to complain about on Tuesday.

See you then!


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