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March 22nd, 2000

Okay. So, today the hubby and I went down and paid off a loan that we had. Paid off the balance completely, which is a pretty good feeling. No more $200 worth of payments a month to worry about, not too mention all of the interest and everything we were looking at.

I was out of the office ill on Monday. I always hate that as when I get in I am overloaded with crap on my desk. I have spent the entire day digging out.

My hit tracker is broken. The company I use just merged with another company, so now I have no idea who is visiting my site. God help me, if I need to get a new counter and start from square one I am going to be hiring some hitmen. How ridiculous. You would think you could count on something like a measely tracker to work. Not in my universe.

So, I am sitting here at the office trying to dig out and I just thought I'd take a breather and do my journal to get it out of the way. I'll be working tonight, again, so I am sure I'll forget. I am absent minded that way.

Let's see. What else is going on? Oh, I need to balance my checkbook. Bet you're glad to hear about that.

All in all, everything remains the same as it ever is. Constant, confusing and curiously exciting.

I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe I'll go rob a bank so I'll have something to write about.

See ya then;


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