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March 17th, 2000
And the sidekick shall be?

Alas! Mammogram Man grows every stronger in his super powers! Looks as if Super Boobs better start doing some chin up and stock piling on the Wheaties!

After having determined some super powers and having identified his supervillain name, MammogramMan slunk off down the alley, his genes continuing to mutate, shift and parallel park. At the same time as he was slinking along and his cells were doing the amino-acid boogie, the same chemical compound was working in his brain, removing the dent from the cerebellum from the narrator's kick in the last episode and expanding his ability for thought. His thinking ability was so vastly improved that he was several steps away from the end of the alley before he realized he was about to collide with a wall. Remembering his now-superhuman powers, he decided to walk though the wall.

"Damn," he said, picking himself up from the ground. "Guess my abilities don't allow me to walk through walls. Mebbe..." He backed up, too three running steps and jumped.

"Damn," he said, picking himself up from the ground. "Guess my abilities don't allow me to fly either."

All the while he was continuing to grow smarter and smarter. In fact, he had already passed the ordinary evil villain stage and was rapidly moving into the evil genius villain stage. He leaned against the wall and admired his misshapen hands.

"Hmm. Massive. Wide. Cold. Super Boobs is my arch enemy and my supervillain name is MammogramMan. Hmmmmmmm," he said.

Another timely intervention by the narrator and another dent to the cerebellum provided the impetus to keep this story line going for a few more paragraphs.

"Ah yes. MammogramMan. I can create super cold, super strength AND radiation with my hands," he said. He placed his massive hands to the wall in front of him and bent his incredible strength to the task of pushing down the wall while mass doses of radiation and freezing blasts weakened the structure. In short order the bricks gave way, opening a hole in the wall into a long-vacant bar.

"Perfect," he said admiring the decor and especially the mirror ball on the ceiling. "I shall call my new hideaway/secret lair, Finger In The Back Door! Muahahahahahahaa. Now, to find an evil and less intelligent sidekick whose name shall be..."

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