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March 7th, 2000
Antiques RoadsHOw

Morning all.

Well, Monday turned out to be a much better day than Sunday. I would imagine it was because I was finally released from the modem tethering me to my keyboard. You'll be happy to know I finished all of the work that was needed from me and I can take a break this evening.

That nutty Peg and Marion have been visiting again. You may have seen their names bandied about here and there in the Coffeerooms. If you haven't already been, check our ongoing saga at
Peg and Marion - The RX Files

What a morning I had. I got up with plenty of time to spare and then had one small mishap after another.

I was half way to daycare when I realized that I had forgotten to pay the rent. I dropped of the kids, headed back towards home, and hit the gas station along the way.

Filled up my tank, bought a pack of smokes and a 7-UP, stepped up to the counter and...

...didn't have my damned wallet.

Great. No checkbook, no wallet, no way to pay for the gas I had already pumped.

Lucky for me, these folks know me fairly well here so I was allowed to go home and gather my checkbook.

I hop in the car, head all the way home, snag my husband's checkbook, get back into the car and, when I open my purse to put it in there, guess what I find.


Back to the store and then off to pay rent.

I dropped off my rent and realized I had no matches. Well, once again I head back to the store and, when I arrive, I discover I already had a pack of cigarettes and didn't need to buy one at all.

I was twenty minutes late for work. Not that I care. That's just the way I am.

Yay me.

I am grateful to be taking a break today. I have two movies I am going to watch tonight and a book I am going to ready while soaking in a hot tub.

Oh, I did write something new for you all to read. There's a program on PBS that I might possibly sell my soul to appear on. It's called:
The Antiques RoadsHOw

See you on Wednesday!



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