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February 29th, 2000
Happy Leap Day!

Hello! Yes, it's me, returning unscathed from my trip across the great states of America!

I had a nice time. The flying, of course, I could have done without. A lot of turbulence to Detroit. And, did you know, that when you're flying to Detroit you don't actually land in Detroit at all? You come down somewhere in Kansas and then slowly creep along the tarmac clear into the Detroit airport. I think I landed and the shuttled around for about five hours as they made their way to the gate. Unrealsville.

I was pleased that I did not get a puddle jumper on the way into Kalamazoo. I actually was privileged enough to walk the Tunnel of Death into a real plane and, even though it was a teeny bit smaller, it wasn't so bad at all. Problem was, on the way home, I did get the Mosquito of Steel. I had to CLIMB STAIRS to get in it! Stairs! It was not good. I was a nervous wreck in the air. There and back.

I stayed at a really, quaint hotel. It was called the Kalamazoo House and if you want you can
look at it here. ) Very nice. It was an older, Victorian place and I really thought I wouldn't sleep due to it being haunted or something, but I surprised myself. Slept like a log both nights.

Meetings went very, very well. It was nice to meet everyone and creatively hobnob. I sure have a ton of work cut out for me, though. I have an entire magazine to throw together in about a weeks time. Hee hee hee. Stress makes me giggle.

After that I'll be handling the freelancers, coordinating the mag, writing columns, blah blah blah. Am I ever going to sleep? I have no idea. It's interesting though, and a real challenge for me and I seem to thrive on those.

Oh, big official announcement! My web site is now up and running! You can see me and pass me around to your friends at I feel so grown up. I kept a few things non writing related on my AOL pages, but my writings have moved.

No new column today but I have a few things in mind. I think a nice column about a plane trip is in order soon. You should have been there when my mind was running wild. Oy.

See you on Wednesday!



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