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February 24th, 2000
Knockers of Steel

Well, not too much longer and I am Michigan bound. I'm concerned today, however, as the guys in my office have advised me the last leg of my trip will be on some little prop plane, puddle jumper that will skip me like a stone over the treetops of Detroit. And it's noisy, they say. Not that I'll notice, as I'll be shrieking in terror the entire hour. What fun. I am horrified at the thought.

I bought my very own domain name today. That's right! I am officially a member of the WWW Club! Sometime during the next week or so, since I'll be out of town for a spell, I shall soon become fully functional at I'm quite excited. My very own web space not whored out through AOL. Happy day. And it's easy to remember. That's very, very important.

I'm still sick. Ugh ugh ugh. And to top it off my neighbor at work -- who I buy my pop from -- was out of Coke so I am drinking Dr. Pepper. Good thing it's a medical drink, I ought to have my head examined. I hate Dr. Pepper so much, but there's no alternative.

I went shopping last night, as I told you. I bought a new bra. Just snatched it off the rack in the hope that it would fit. It does, but it feels so restricted. I put it on last night and was sure that if I took it off, the sudden release might cause injury to my person when something floppy went awry.

As a result of those musings, I created a new column. It's called
Super Boobs.

See you on Friday morning!


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