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February 23rd, 2000
Look out, Kazoo

Well, just a few more days and I am Michigan bound. Oh, and I'll be back late Sunday night so I may not have an entry on Monday.

I got an email from the folks I am visiting out there. Apparently there is dinner at the country club on Saturday night. Ah, the country club. Me. A girl who frequents places with dead moose heads on the wall. This ought to be a gem of a trip.

I also see that now you are supporting my good friend,
A Lady named Dave. Nice, whacky chick. I like her. In fact, Peg and Marion have us rooming together at the facility. Seems we are both in need of great, mental help. How lovely they can track us both so easily in one, small place.

Went shopping for my trip today. Have a nice burgundy pants suit I am borrowing from mom. (Thanks mom) Bought a new, evening bag and some nice, new shoes. 80% off, of course. It's the only way I shop. Also, found some great, clod hopping black hiking boots. Normally $45.00, also 80% off. I am a supreme shopper. The Diva of the Mall.

I finally buckled down and bought a new bra. I hate new bra purchases. Everything has underwires now, as if that helps. What I really need is something with a forklift attached, so I can just jack my boobs up with technical force. My thirties are not what I expected them to be. Saggy, flopping thirties. What a joy.

Hey, how about that
Ally McBeal the other night? What a bummer. It seems that she can't find a nice guy anywhere, and I really liked this one. Are they EVER going to let her find a man? Someone who isn't homeless or bisexual? It just seems so unfair. Maybe, one day, she'll end up with Billy.

My three year old just brought me my now ruined deodorant. He took the lid off and smooshed it around. I don't even want to know where the refuse is. It's probably on the cat or in my new hiking boots.

Well, I am off for dinner and then to bed. I'm still sick, surprise! I have got to get this cold out of my system before I fly out Friday.

See you on Wednesday!



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